IBM Hursley Fly Fishing Club - Returns 2009

Josh Sampays, Spring Cup Winner 2009 at JOG
The following returns will be used in the calculations for the 2009 prizing giving which will take place at the 2009 AGM.

  • Club Champion (See the club rules)
  • Spring Cup (See the club rules)
  • Best Rainbow Trout
  • Best Brown Trout

Old Returns

Best Rainbow Trout 2009

Name Venue Weight
Andy Parker Avon Springs 8lb 6oz
Bob Hanley Avon Springs 7lb 14oz
- - -

Best Brown Trout 2009

Name Venu Weight
Mark Lyman Manningford 1 lb (returned)

Spring Cup 2009

The Spring Cup was held on Saturday 4th April at John 'O' Gaunt. The winning bag weight was recorded as 16lb 8oz by Josh Sampays at his first ever club outing ! The runner up for the second year running was John Wiseman with a 16lb bag. The average bag size was generally quite good this year, ranging from a low of 11lbs with steady increments to the 16.5lb winning bag. Some lovely 5lb fish made an appearance and generally the fish were good sport and hard fighting.

Club Champion 2009

The club championship was held on Saturday 2nd October at Manningford. The winning bag weight was recorded as 16lb 1oz by Josh Sampays at his first ever club championship appearance (do you see a theme emerging here ?). More information is available on the news page. The runner up was Dave Day with a 13lb 4oz bag. It was observed that the sizes of the fish were generally a little smaller during the October trip to Manningford, which we suspect is down to new stocking. Nevertheless, the fishing was good from very early on, and progressed to a harder fish later in the day.

Congratulations to Josh Sampays on winning both the Spring Cup and Club Championship, and to Andy Parker for catching the best rainbow.