IBM Hursley Fly Fishing Club - Fly Tying

There is nothing better then catching a fish on a fly that you tied yourself. Tying your own flies also gives you the advantage of having patterns not available in the shops or even patterns you have designed yourself. The list of equipment and materials below will be enough to get you started.

Some patterns tied at past tying evenings:

Basic Equipment

  • ViceA thread bobbin
  • Bobbin Holder
  • Scissors (Fine points and sharp)
  • Bodkin
  • Hackle Pliers
  • Whip Finish Tool
  • Lamp (For example Angle Poise desk lamp with natural light bulb)

Additional Equipment

  • Hair stacker
  • Hackle Guard
  • Hackle gauge
  • Dubbing Rake
  • Dubbing Twister
  • Waste Material bag  ( Attach's to Vice)

Basic Materials

Once you start fly tying you will build up your collection of materials has you  progress. However to get started you may like to consider purchasing a  pre-pack of starter material like "Veniards Premier Fly Tying Kit" which also contains the basic tools excluding vice. Or select a few basics your self. Here is a list that will get you started.
  • Thread   6/0 or 8/0 for finer work, basic colors, Black, Olive, White, Orange, Brown, Red
  • Hooks, Sizes 8,10,12,14, traditional shank and grub styles.
  • Cock Pheasant Tails, natural and some dyed black and green
  • Peacock Herl
  • Hares mask
  • Dubbing - Mixed colors box of hares dubbing is a good general dubbing
  • Glister, again a mixed colors box is a good starterDubbing Box
  • Flexi Floss - Various colors but at least black and red
  • Floss - A mixed colors box is a good investment
  • Indian Capes ( Feathers) - start with brown, black, and black/white Grizzly
  • Mixed Beads Gold, Rainbow and various plastic beads (For fly heads & weight)
  • Damsel Eyes
  • Marabou in mixed colors - at least have olive, black, white & orange
  • Cactus chenille in mixed colors, at least olive, & orange
  • Chenilles for bodies in black, olive & yellow or lime
  • Crystal Flash
  • Seals Fur
  • CDC (natural)
  • Tinsels / Pearl Mylar and holographic
  • Lead Wire (for weighting)
  • Gold & Silver wire fine / Medium for Ribbing
  • Deer Hair  Natural & dyed patches